Friday, July 23, 2010

Delhi Belly Returns...

Writing about the capital and the people here gives a lot of satisfaction to me. I just cant stop myself observing the crowd and the mango public of Delhi. They are just awesome in all senses. The capital is changing every second. The growth is just astonishing in certain aspects though the Yamuna river is getting dirtier day by day which is not even recognizable nowadays. Nevertheless the feel of the capital itself is so roaring that one forgets everything and comes into a different mood altogether.

While last time I was a drunken survivor, this time I was a sane survivor. It was my sense that got me into trouble. So sometimes it is better to be lost and remember things just when they are ought to be remembered. This time my Delhi journey begins in a Metro and then this follows:

For going to my Bro's office, I was told to get into a Metro from Anand Vihar so that I get a seat till Janakpuri. But I rather decided to go from Karkarduma because I was allowed to ride Zing till there but not till Anand Vihar (Chhota baccha or small kid thing you see). Its really hard to decide which way to go in a Metro station. Escalators moving up and down. people rushing here n there, long lines at ticket counters, security checks etc.etc. Last time the metros were not so crowded as this time. I got a token till Janakpuri and got in the right metro after confirming from 2 wanderers (It really is a tough job but Delhi's crowd makes it so easy). As expected the Metro was full and while I was thinking to get in through the gates, the huge crowd around me took me inside the metro. I was surrounded with 7 people (while nature permits only 4) pushing their elbows and bags each time a new station came and some 5-7 people got in. One of the men told me that the Metro will get emptied by Rajiv Chawk and that a place to sit would then be available. I was eagerly waiting for Rajiv Chawk in that grueling crowd but the crowd never reduced. The change that took place was that the men around me were replaced by some girls. I felt much better between them.

The prophecy of that man failed and I had to stand for another 30 or so minutes. I was very afraid of my wallet getting robbed or the Metro token getting lost. So I started checking my pockets for the two things. The right hand always goes (by nature), not towards the front packet, but towards the back pocket for the wallet. I searched the pocket and found nothing which left me shocked. Thousands of thoughts came rushing to my mind. Did the purse fell somewhere inside the Metro, did I left it at the ticket window, has someone stolen it? But just when I was on thought 1000, a girl behind me patted on my shoulder.She was dressed up in a yellow top and a blue jeans which was folded to knee length. Her specs made her look much older than she was. Her pointing nose reminded me of Pinnocio and so she's named Pinni in this converstaion---

Pinni: Mind your hand man! What the hell do you think you are doing?
                (My hand was stuck in her front pocket)

Me: (Pulling the hand out) Errr. I didn't had the slightest idea that this was going to happen. I am very sorry. (WTF I just did. God please be kind..)

Pinni: I know you guys very well. You just look for excuses and reasons.

Me: I am not lying. (Shivering voice). That was by mistake. I swear to God.

Pinni: (More terrible looks) Why involve God. He's already gone from earth. Let the Metro stop.

Me: (pleading eyes) Please mam. I am new to the place. I was checking for my wallet and the metro token. I didn't had any bad intentions. I was just afraid of losing them and so started checking for them.

Pinni: You were unknown to the fact that someone else is standing behind you? Are you kidding me? (Furious)

Me: Believe me please. I am innocent. (I couldn't do any better than this).

Pinni: I will take you to the security at the next station.

Me: (At the verge of crying) Check my purse. Check my ID. That was not intentional.

Pinni: You want me to get the Metro public over you? I can do it in a second. Just walk out at the next station. (You are gone man)

Me: (Afraid of my future condition) Okay. As you say. I did a big mistake.

(At the next station)

Pinni: You want me to get to the security?

Me: As you like it. (Shakespeare never dies, even in a situation like this)

Pinni: Go and be cautious. I forgive you. You look innocent.

Me: (sadly again) As you say mam..

Pinni: I said you are free to go. Just be prepared for anything in Delhi. You will not find people like me everywhere. I don't know what my friends would have done to you. BTW where were you going?

Me: (Smiling) Thank you so much. Janakpuri west. I owe you one.

Pinni: Its alright. Take the next metro without buying any ticket and put the token and wallet in your front pocket. Bye (smiles)

Me: Thanks a ton mam. I am sorry again. This won't happen again. (Lesson learned)

Now you see the capital and its people. This is what fascinates me. This is what drags me. Pinni didn't created any scene. But if she wanted then she could have beaten me up by about 100s of people. This one is for you Pinni. Hope she reads it someday.

I dont know when i will be back here. It might take a long time for me to be here again but I will keep replying and commenting on your posts and comments. I am starting the new phase of my life. I just have a single day left for fun. I need your blessings and prayers.


Just a day left for fun,
But what I see is a new rising sun.
Some new hopes to fulfill,
And some empty pots to fill.
I see the rays upon me,
Giving me strength to watch and see,
Whats's wrong or right,
And provide me with all the might.


Samvedna said...

She must be real kind hearted girl, or you look innocent enough:)

Manita said...

Gud going...ur innocent face vil always help u.
Nice poem.loved it.

Ankita K. said...

hehe... pinni is so good!!
the metro is getting more crowded day by day...
yestrday i went 4 shopping in janpath n while returning, i hd 2 stand with shopping bags in my hand 4 almost half n hr!!!!
nice poem!!but dnt say--jus a single day left 4 fun.... i know tu to apni job me bhi masti hi karega!!! ;)

A New Beginning said...

That was one horrifying incident, bt if u come to think of it..its really funny too...u searched her pocket instead of urs :)
All the best for the future ahead!

Insignia said...

She was sweet and maybe you did look innocent :-P

Its so nice of you to write about that incident and sort of dedicate it to her...

supriya said...

this is the one of the most hilarious incidents i have ever come across...!!! could you be so silly???
but lucky that you got pinni...!! :)
and what new phase? the joining or what??

Chanz said...

ane lemme tell u, i am totally like pinni... sweet and nice...


btw what brought you to janak puri west... thats my area... :(err.. used to be but I prefer to say that it still is).. :P

Madhu said...

YIY! u and the series are back..:P
lovely one...
all the best in whatever u do..
rock it and my blessings shall follow u :P

rohini said...

wow..........nice escape....Pinni...had a grt heart to let u are Delhi girls..:) Jankpuri West ..u reminded my travel in that metro..although i have travlled more in buses....but i think buses experience are worse than metro..cant forget the day when i was asked for a kiss by a woman..god i was stunned and speechless....
but sure u had a grt lesson to be time i can see u helping a girl getting teased by sm1 else...atleast that person should get a full lesson...rite

Nipun said...

@ Samvedna

I look innocent enough...:)

Nipun said...

@ Manita

Hope it goes on..:)

Nipun said...

@ Ankita K.

Yeah!! Metro is crwded like Mumbai Local train.
So poor of u that u remain standing for half an hour..:(

Pinni was great.
Lets hope that masti ho jae job mein bhi..:)

Nipun said...

@ A new Beginning

I wanted to laugh at the time i came to knw that my hand was in hr pocket but her looks restrained me from the laugh.
Apply some empathy and you will come to knw..:)
Thanks a lot..)

Nipun said...

@ Insignia

Both things are right.
My innocence and her sweetness are just too overwhelming..:P

She saved me and i must Dedicate the post to her..:)

Nipun said...

@ Suppy di

That wasnt my fault di.
It was all about the crowded metro that my hands got into her pocket..:P

I feel really lucky that i got her..

I have joined a power company.
Infy's joining is quite late..

Nipun said...

@ Chanz

Yeah!! I know that u are totally like Pinni..
Hope that Delhi girls are the same..
My brother works there in ICICI.

Went there to meet him..
It will remain ur area forever..
Dont wry we will name a road after u.

Chandni Sadak..

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Thanks a lot.
I dont knw wen will the series's next post will come..

Thanks for the wishes..:)

Nipun said...

@ Rohini

Delhi girls rock..
I am a fan..:)

What happened with u?
Lady asking for a a kiss??
Tell us more about the incident plzzzzzzzz.

And ur wish is my command..
Next time this will happen for sure..

rohini said...

Yes Delhi mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai...this comment can also become a part of ur Delly Belly...
I was in second year.. returning frm my college ..south ex pe ek masculine typo lady chadi...and sat near was ok the seat was vacant beside me..
she ahd husky vioce...which was agn ok for me as i thought Jaat hogi...hota hia...i dnt rem now where she wanted to get down...but she was the only person who was conversing with me...i was responding like my very common words..Hmm'ss
She also blamed the young guys and gals who talk so freely in bus and at public places..have no sharam etc...i could agn say ..hmmm..kab utregi yeh ....yehi mere mun mein chal raha tha...
Then came a twist...i dnt want to go in deep wat all she said..but the statement which astonished me was....'tumhare gaal kitne ache chahta hai...mein ek pappi le lun..." i was like s*** where am i sitting...i couldnt hide my face...wat an indecent proposal...and i just uttered with my lame voice...sryyyyyy....:| the women who couldnt take guys and gals talking freely ..just asked a disgusting....
I have many such instances.. of delhi buses...

Shas said...

It was funny that you could think of Shakespeare in the middle of such a situation.
All the best for the new phase in your life. Hope to see you back on this space soon :)

Nipun said...

@ rohini

That's really a story..
Anything is possible in delhi..:P

waise i think u shud have made that lady's wish cum true..:)

start telling us about ur bus accidents..
they are really awesome..

Nipun said...

@ Shas

Thanks a lot shas..:)

sarah said...

didn't 'knew' ???
what's with your english, dude ???

Pratik Gupta said...

awesome, Just fucking awesome incident. I wish I could have seen that first hand :)
PS: Incident added for further discussion in the next awaited meet :)

rahul said...