Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walking Delhi Looking Tibet..

This is another of my tiresome roadways bus journey post which needs due mention. This time it was a different kinda journey which began in a haste and ended in a chase.

Leaving your loved ones behind is obviously a very sulking feeling and specially when they need you the most. But in order to fulfill their wishes, there may be times when you have to do things which you think are irrelevant but are necessary from a different point of view.

So the journey began in a haste and I forgot to take necessary things with me for the journey. What I remembered to take was a bottle of pickle and my undergarments. A free advice to people that never leave your house without taking lunch, dinner or breakfast because when you expect that you will get something to eat somewhere, the shops get closed or the food is stale or is it gets over. I made this mistake and didn't find anything at the bus stand. I took the ticket and got comfortably seated in a so called STAR LINE bus and the journey began on time.

After sometime I realized that I was just wearing a wind sheeter over my cotton shirt as chill crept in. Then I realised something else which was an icing over the cake. The window with my seat was cranky and was opening up all by itself again and again. By the time I realized these things, the bus had reached Jaipur and I couldn't even get a seat change.

The bus got loaded with Tibetans from Jaipur because winters get over in Rajasthan earlier than any other part. I couldn't understand their language but I was able to notice the smiles on their faces which was due to a good long winter in Rajasthan this year. The bus again started and I again felt the chill which I had made up mind to bear the whole night.

I was restless and was again and again shutting that fucking window which was playing games with me. I tried all styles to prevent the opening but I couldn't succeed. I was advised to get a blanket from someone (I know you will be happy) but I didn't ask for anything. Finally sleep won the battle between the stubborn window and me and I fall asleep.

PAT.. PAT... PAT...

ME: Kaun h? (Who's this?)

Angel: Sardi lag rahi h beta? (Feeling cold son?)

ME: Nahi. Mujhe sone do. TRRRRR.. (No, Let me sleep.)

Angel: Tumhara daant kit-kit kr raha h. (Your teeths are kit-katting)

ME: Nahi. Aap jao. Mein So jaunga. (No. You go. I will sleep)

Angel: Tum kaamp raha h. (You are shivering)

ME: Kit-kit-kit-kit-kit-kit.

Angel: Kambal le lo. Theek rahega. (Take a blanket. You'll feel better.)

ME: kit-kit-kit-kit. Thek kit-kit h. (All Right.)

That Tibetan lady gave me a Shawl and after a while I felt like I was sweating. It was hot like sun. I could sleep comfortably and there was no kit-kit at all for the rest of the journey.

I woke up at 4 in the morning and found the shawl over me. I thought I saw a dream but it was for real (Your prayers work darling). I could not recognize the face which gave me that blanket (I think you can understand the confusion). Then a lady got up and came to me asking for any other help. I thanked her with all my heart for which she just returned a serene smile. I could feel mother's love that time.

Love ain't bounded by boundaries. It comes over every barrier and every obstacle however huge it is. I thank God for creating mother and salute all the females for having such big hearts. My respect for them has grown to Himalayan extent now. Even though the Angel belonged to a different place and a different culture, the motherly feeling remains the same. I bow down to this feeling.

I don't think I will forget that Angel ever in my life. I read something about Tibet and found out the problems they are going through. I join the campaign with them. Supporting Tibet.

The series coming afterwards will be a series of events that took place in Delhi.
Delhi Belly will get a repeat.
My grand Salute to all Mothers.....



pushplata said...

u r lucky dear
well whose prayers worked

Nipun said...

@ pushplata

Kind of lucky u can say..
U know whose prayers I m talking about..:)

CHINMAYA said...

There are still many more journeys to make..... be prepared in the future.... : )

Nipun said...

@ chinmaya

Sure sir!!
As u lyk it.
Waise what's better dan dis??

Thnx mate.

A New Beginning said...

Hey! That's a very touching post :)
The world is beautiful because of such people.
You have described the whole journey really well!
Thnaks for a great post..looking forward to Delhi Belly!! :)

Farila said...

There are times when strangers touch our lives and leave footsteps in hour heart...
A good blog Nipun

Antarman said...

even I have seen that whenevr I think I will get something on station or platfform to eat, we get nothing:)

That women was really an angel and people like her make this word so beautiful.

Madhu said...

that was touching..yeah prayers work..may not work at all times.But do work when they are genuine.And nothing can ever replace a mothers love..U bet?

Shivani said...

That woman was an angel indeed - only the shape was human's.
One doesn't come across such people often in life.

Great post! Its good reading about your such experiences. Reassures me that kindness still exists.

supriya said...

what a lovely incident! God bless the lady...who saved a SUPER-HOT dude from dying out of the!!

Nipun said...

@ a new beginning

I agree with you completely.
The world is so beautiful that these words aren't enough.

Thanks for the gr8 comments..

Nipun said...

@ farila

Thnx a ton..
This happens but not so often..

Nipun said...

@ antarman

This was a fat that I stated. Happens all the time..
Yeah she was an angel for sure..

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Even I believe now..
Someone prayed for me and I met that angel...:)
A mother's love is divine.
U can't imagine the ends of it.
Its endless......
I have written on it before also.

Nipun said...

@ shivani

Yes, she was truly an angel. I cant imagine my condition after that bus journey to delhi.
Dilli ki sardi bhaari pad jati..
I assure u that this kindness and honesty wont go anywhere..

Nipun said...

@ supriya

Bahut maje le lie...
BTW superhot is cool with me...:)



Chocolate Lover said...

that's really touching :))

Nipun said...

@ choco

thnk u dear...:)

Manita said...

This was a learning experience for u..angels dont come everyday..a big thanx to that lady.

ankita said...

wow!!! u really met a lovely person dr!! so..evn aftr 4getting so many things..ur journey ws quite AWESUM!!! hai naa??

neelam said...

A mother is a paragon of virtue........!!!!
and God is with you......

Tara said...

It's a blessing that there exist such warmth and that too at the least expected hour which makes it so cherishable !!! Lot more journeys friend !!

sakhii•• said...

this one was worth waiting n watching!!
got d actual taste of rajasthan too tho tht was not something u tried 2 highlite:)
i knew u as a poet...but no more;u turned out a superb writer!!

Nipun said...

@ manita

yes, i learned a lot.
Its true dat angels dont cum everyday.
Thnk u..:)

Nipun said...

@ ankita

U got the real feel of the post ankita. An awesome journey for sure...:)
Cudn't meet u dere..:(
Lets c wat happens next..
Hope 4 d best..

Nipun said...

@ neelam

This is what I was waiting for.
A comment which gives the jest.
Thnx neelam..

Nipun said...

@ tara

This is the reality of life.
Things happen unexpectedly..
Big thanks to my friend..

Nipun said...

@ sakhii

Thnx a lot dear.
M on cloud 19 already...:)
Thank u so much yaar..
U made my day..

Tangerine said...

A totally fabulous lady! Cheers to her.

And yes, prayers totally work!!! :)

sakhii•• said...

i didn't kno my comments r so effective:)

Nipun said...

@ tangerine

Yes yes..
Really an angel..:)

Nipun said...

@ sakhii

Comments do work dear..
Specially wen dey are from someone so nice...:)

prateek kapoor said...

man u r really lucky..all thngs happen wid i thnk watever exp u had in delhi ws an effect of this thand(cold) u faced...big cheers..:-)have a gr8 time nxt time too asshole.:-)waiting for ur arrival again..:-)

prateek kapoor said...

man u r really lucky..all thngs happen wid i thnk watever exp u had in delhi ws an effect of this thand(cold) u faced...big cheers..:-)have a gr8 time nxt time too asshole.:-)waiting for ur arrival again..:-)

Nipun said...

@ prateek

Yeah dude..
Ab meri kya galti h..
Hota h to hota h..
Wnd jyada cheers mat kr yaha..
Cold effect to kuch bhi nahi tha...
Me too looking forward for my next...:)

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

It feels good when others care! :)
Lovely post!

Pratik Gupta said...

Awesome dude.....see thats the thing has still kept my belief on this human race and stopping me from calling my alien friends to destroy this planet :)

Chanz said...

Wow Nipun... This is amazing. And thank u for respecting women.. feels good when men do that.. Mothers are just wonderful.. And they really deserve our love..

waiting to hear about delhi..

a piece of advice : you will be shot if u write something bad abt MY delhi..!!!

Nipun said...

@ wink


Nipun said...

@ pratik bhaiya

I can understand ur emotions bhaiya..
They always cum out in a diffrnt way..:)

Nipun said...

@ chanz..

Respect has grown many folds after reading ur posts too.
Then these incidents make such things happen..:)

I m soon going to die I think..:(

prateek kapoor said...

haha..yup u'll mr.x-nuts...coz ur delhi exp needs to be written in a very clear manner...coz delhites enjy reading that..blve me...haha....waiting for u to write soon..:-)

Nipun said...

@ prateek

U will chek dat out soon.
May be tonyt is the nyt..

Betty said...

Absolutely, I love your blog!
And i noticed that we share some friends-followers. I love India. Maybe we have the same taste !

Nipun said...

@ betty

Thnx a lot..
India is a great country you see and you will come to know about the people here at the blog.
Keep visiting..:)